Eve Ber
Interior Designer, AASID

Great design begins with inspiration and I get that inspiration directly from you, the client. As a dedicated interior designer, I have a flair for creating beautiful spaces with practicality and functionality built right in. The needs of the whole person are always at the forefront of my designs. Today, many clients look for longevity of design — whether it be for individuals who want to age in place, or the other end of the spectrum, with folks who may be starting a family. Universal design is designing for the present and the future, as homeowners are adapting their homes for all phases of life.

Additionally, my background as an Occupational Therapist adds a unique bonus to my design concepts by incorporating accessibility, safety and ergonomics when appropriate. Working as a team member with contractor Michael Murdy and his crew, I will design a space with your unique needs in mind. With a sharp eye for detail, I specialize in kitchen and bathroom designs as well as furniture layout, lighting ideas, color selection and the finishing details. My technical skills include computerized renderings in both two and three dimensional layouts. As a graduate of Paier College of Art, I was awarded Outstanding Achievement in Interior Design.I am truly excited to see your renovation inspirations and look forward to making them a design reality.

Design/Build services simplify the renovation and/or construction process for the customer by handling the entirety of the development from tart to finish. ML Murdy Company is proudly partnered with great designers and together, we will work with you to plan out your next home renovation from dream to reality.It starts with a meeting with one of our fantastic designers to speak with you about your renovation goals and desires. Once the design process between customer and designer is complete, our contracting team will work with the designers on an estimate based on the features in the design specs.Part of the beauty of design/build is that should any issues arise during the estimating and preparation stages, the design can more quickly be adjusted as the contractors and designers are in constant communication. Additionally, such a close relationship between experienced professionals saves the customer money, as each can provide insight that achieves your designed look for a great price. Using a design also allows the customer to visualize what the completed project will look like before it is actually finished.