The First Step:

A renovation job at ML Murdy Company usually starts with an Intake Call or referral from an existing customer. During this call, our staff will ask you detailed questions about what kind of work you would like done, your past renovation experiences, a target budget, and much more. This call is informative but casual to help you think the project through. Once this call is complete, we will review the information and provide preliminary ideas and project cost within 1 week, depending on the type of job.

One-on-One Review:

We will schedule an in-person, one-on-one meeting to review the estimate, discuss any additional ideas, answer questions, potential concerns, and recommendations. During the review, we will also schedule you for a free hour of design consultation with our partners at Design House Interiors in order to help bring a picture to your ideas.


Once the details and design of the project are agreed upon, we will produce a complete, detailed estimate outlining the specific cost of the project.  For all our estimates, we carefully research materials for quality and affordability, making sure you get exactly what you want for an affordable price.


Once the estimate has been reviewed and accepted by the customer, a contract is drawn up and signed by both parties, with a copy left for the homeowners.


After the contract has been signed and start date has been determined, work on your dream project will begin. At ML Murdy Company, we pride ourselves on executing the construction process in a fast and efficient manner, completing projects in a timely fashion. Should any problems arise during the building process, we will work hard to develop quick and creative solutions to get the project back on track.